‘Emily In Paris’ Has A Famous Fan Who Also Happens To Also Endorse Lily Collins’ Character On The Show

Back when Emily In Paris debuted in October 2020, the show had not yet upset people by scoring an awards nomination over I May Destroy You on HBO. The fluffy Netflix series did, however, spark controversy with the perky ignorance of its lead character, Emily Cooper, who went to work in France despite knowing about two words of French. Also very bizarre: Emily Cooper posted a few kissy photos on Instagram in front of baguettes and whatnot, which led her to become an effortless social media sensation.

I do enjoy this show, but even I have to admit that’s pretty silly. Emily somehow even nabbed the attention of French First Lady Brigette Macron, who gave her a retweet that solidified her place at Savoir. It makes no sense! Yet in a meta moment that reflects our odd timeline, Lily Collins has revealed that Macron is truly a fan of what she’s doing: “She’s actually a really big fan of the show.” Yes, it’s true. You can watch that moment at the 3:00 minute mark above, right after Lily and Stephen Colbert discuss her new Vogue France cover. Resistance is futile, as the Borg noted.

Also! Lily informs us how she discovered that Emily Cooper’s apartment shows up on Google Maps, in case you’re ever in the neighborhood and want to drop by and stare at the window.

Soon, you’ll be able to see how her character deals with a major life transition (part of this includes getting bangs, as one does), and Chef Gabriel will get sloppy drunk because this show somehow hasn’t ground that love triangle into the ground. Ah, the power of “enchanté” and a dirty skillet.

Netflix’s Emily In Paris returns on December 21.