‘Euphoria’ Creator Sam Levinson Hopes Season 2 Starts Filming Soon And Wants It To Air On HBO By The End Of 2021

HBO Max subscribers got an early look at the special Euphoria episode that detailed what Jules was up to between seasons of the HBO teen drama. And though the two-part interlude helped expand the show’s universe and fill in the blanks after the Season 1 finale, fans are eager to get more of the show by way of a full season.

The coronavirus pandemic has delayed Season 2 considerably, as shooting for that season was scuttled in the early days of lockdown in 2020. In its place came the two between-season episodes, but according to an IndieWire report, Euphoria creator Sam Levinson has high hopes to not only film Euphoria‘s second season in 2021, but get it on HBO before the year is out as well.

During an interview this week on IndieWire’s Filmmaker Toolkit podcast to promote his upcoming Netflix feature film “Malcolm & Marie,” Levinson confirmed the plan is to start filming “Euphoria” Season 2 in late March. The creator added, “And the goal is to release episodes this year, so that’s hopefully [what will happen].” Of course the pandemic could change these plans, but Levinson’s goal is to start filming in March and start rollout on completed episodes on HBO before the end of December.

That plan would put the show’s second season on track to start filming a full year after it was originally intended, but Levinson’s desire to get the season on air before the end of the year is certainly notable. Meanwhile, star Hunter Schafer, who co-wrote the Jules-centric episode with Levinson, talked to the Los Angeles Times about the episode and remained tight-lipped about what may be ahead for Season 2.

Schafer was careful about revealing what’s in store for the pair in Season 2, only sharing the two will “reexamine their relationship.” (“That is so vague!” she says, laughing. “I’m sorry. I don’t want to get in trouble!”)

They did, however, hint that there may be more writing work for her ahead on the show. Which certainly created a fascinating episode in between seasons. Whether some of that work shows up in Season 2 is tough to say, but the pair of episodes we’ve seen in the last month have certainly kept fans of the show eager to see more.

[via IndieWire]