Will The Final ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season Help Set Up The Return Of Rick Grimes?

(Spoilers from The Walking Dead will be found below.)

AMC recently delivered a bundle of news for The Walking Dead universe, and the immediate headliner there was that the Dead City spinoff will include walkers falling from the sky to make Maggie and Negan’s lives a little more interesting. However, the franchise also released the trailer for Fear The Walking Dead‘s eighth and final season, in which survivors are still dealing with hell on earth, even on an island. That’s the case not only because of the rule of PADRE but also because there’s no escape from walkers (everyone is infected, and everyone will eventually reanimate without blunt force to the head) anywhere on the planet.

The trailer is most notable, however, for Morgan making a clear reference to Rick Grimes, with whom he shared some time early in the series near the dawn of the outbreak. “I want to tell you something that a friend once told me,” Lennie James’ character declares in the trailer. “He said you can hide, but you can’t run…. he wanted me to know that hurt will follow you. It follows you wherever you go. He was right… don’t do what I did. Don’t run.”

This, naturally, feels timely, and the two were always fated to meet once again (this has happened before) for the long haul. James even previously fielded questions about whether he’d be onboard one of those Rick Grimes movies that never surfaced for various, partially pandemic-related reasons. Now that Rick is about to get bloody again for his spinoff with Michonne, the timing could also be right for him to cross paths with Morgan again.

In the trailer, Morgan does apparently go back to Georgia and thinks about Rick some more for good measure.

What next? No one would be upset about seeing Morgan surface on the Rick and Michonne show, or if Fear The Walking Dead wraps up with more clues if not an outright meeting between old friends. Whatever the case, the franchise is having a good time while teasing everyone, and for solid reason. Fear The Walking Dead has previously dropped hints about Rick’s whereabouts, and we also don’t know how Rick (presumably) ends up escaping from the helicopter people for his spinoff, given that we saw them recapture him at the end of The Walking Dead. However, we can guess that Michonne pieces together enough clues to find him, and hopefully, he never rides a horse again.

We should find out more soon, though. Fear The Walking Dead returns on May 14, and the Rick and Michonne party will debut in 2024.