There’s A New Most-Watched ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode Ever

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08.08.17 2 Comments


The Game of Thrones season seven premiere was seen live by 10.11 million viewers, a new peak for the biggest show on cable. Surely the record would stand until the season finale? Nope: the most recent episode, “The Spoils of War,” was even more popular, despite it leaking online a few days prior.

According to Watchers on the Wall, the original airing of Sunday’s episode (in which Daenerys went full Mother of Dragons) was watched by 10.17 million viewers. That doesn’t include everyone who watched it on DVR or streaming, or anyone who will catch a future airing this week. (It’s playing 23 hours a day on HBO 2 — the missing hour is an Arli$$ marathon.) For comparison’s sake, these are the ratings for the fourth episode from previous seasons:

Season 1: 2.45 million
Season 2: 3.65 million
Season 3: 4.87 million
Season 4: 6.95 million
Season 5: 6.82 million
Season 6: 7.82 million

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