A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Chimes In On Whether That ‘Jaime Killing Cersei’ Theory Has Any Merit

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As the episodes left in Game of Thrones‘ run dwindle to less than 20 in total and the theories about the show’s end mount, each theory becomes more and more important to the end game. While nobody truly knows how things will end at this point (probably including showrunners Benioff and Weiss, if we’re being completely honest) the fallout from the various character relationships and ongoing disagreements could mean the end of multiple fan favorites before all is said and done.

But could one of those people be Cersei Lannister? At this point in the story, Cersei is on the top of the political heap even if she might not be mentally all there (she did just blow up an entire church and kill hundreds of people which drove her only living child to suicide after all). The prevailing theory of Cersei’s downfall currently involves her dear twin brother Jaime, they of the incestuous sexy fun times. As many fans know, when Cersei was a child she was told a prophecy that her younger brother would strangle her to death — so she obviously assumed it was Tyrion.

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