Bill Hader And Conan O’Brien Hack And Slash Their Way Through ‘God Of War 4’ In A Hilarious Clueless Gamer

God of War 4 is not only the best-selling first-party game in the PlayStation 4’s history, it’s also an early Game of the Year contender. The follow-up to some of the most enduring action games of the last 15 years has been a labor of love that took a half-decade to create, so the overwhelmingly positive reviews are warranted, with some saying this is the best game since Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Conan O’Brien and Bill Hader don’t seem that impressed.

Sure, God of War‘s story is as over-the-top as it gets, considering you’re a god fighting other gods while simultaneously childrearing, but it’s a thoughtful tale, told with graphics and gameplay that are second to none. And here are Conan and Hader, treating it as if it’s MST3K fodder. It’s pretty hilarious. Game companies should pay Conan to just do a commentary track.

It’s another example of why Clueless Gamer deserves its own standalone show. Unfortunately, if that show does come to fruition like the rumors say, Conan won’t be hosting it. So let’s watch these nine-minute bursts of pure and wonderful gaming enjoyment and bafflement while we can, because Conan and Bill Hader riffing over one of the best games in years is a delightful rarity.