The Surprises And Snubs Of The 2019 Golden Globes

UPROXX/FX/Netflix/Marvel Studios

Every awards show provokes controversy in some manner, whether it happens with nominations, or the actual awards ceremony, or both. And since the Golden Globes span both TV and film, there’s double the potential for outrage over perceived snubs or the inclusion of seeming outliers. Category-based drama is almost always an issue with this awards show, since studios are notorious for jockeying between competitions that sort-of fit (even sometimes making major stretches) while campaigning for projects that can arguably slide into different boxes. Naturally, producers prefer that their films land in the category with the least vicious competition, a move that may have been counterproductive for the Best Motion Picture Drama category. 2019 also brought major shenanigans occurring within TV categories, as we will discuss below.