Grey Worm And Missandei Doomed Themselves By Breaking The First Rule Of Action Movies



Everyone on Game of Thrones is a little doomed. It’s hard to escape that when there’s a full battalion of frozen undead soldiers standing outside the walls of Winterfell. Lots of people are going to the great magical unknown — including some of your favs — and it’s probably a little late in the show’s run to go and bring anyone back to life through sorcery. It would be good to start coming to terms with that now. I’m steeling myself for Tormund’s fate. My giant, flame-haired, milk-chugging prince is a goner. I can feel it. It hurts. I’ll be ready, though.

Most of these are just gut calls and an acknowledgment that the last few episodes will need to focus on the core group of main characters. The herd needs to be trimmed. People like Tormund (no!), Theon (eh), Jorah (double eh), various members of the Watch whose names I don’t remember (not a great sign for them, or for me), and maybe Jaime (outlived his usefulness on the show) are not long for this world, I imagine. Some theories are even based on prophecy and other close-reading/watching, like what we learned when knight-in-training and legendary sex doer Podrick sang “Jenny’s Song” by the fire.

One potential death falls somewhere in between gut-feeling and prophecy, though. Maybe two deaths. Around the midpoint of the second episode, Grey Worm and Missandei had a sweet little conversation about their future, which featured statements like this.



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