12.07.09 8 years ago 5 Comments

Before Hugh Laurie was destroying people with Dr. House’s withering sarcasm, he was a well-established comedic actor on the remote island nation of England, a country so backward that its form of government is monarchy. The video here is him with Jennifer Saunders (from “Absolutely Fabulous”) in what the YouTube description says is “a training video from the late 80’s called How To Lose Customers made by John Cleese.”

I actually have a hard time believing that this is a training video, because in America training videos can only be poorly done and unintentionally funny. Man, have you ever seen a sexual harassment training video? Or rather, an anti-sexual harassment training video? A sexual training harassment video would be almost too cool. “See, right here is when you wanna invade her personal space, fondle her boob, and tell her you think you know a good way for her to get a raise.”

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