Here’s Everything Coming To And Leaving Hulu In August 2017, Including Two Sam Raimi ‘Spider-Man’ Films

07.18.17 2 years ago

We’re already halfway through the month of July, which means streamers running out of new (and old) titles to watch are champing at the bit for next month’s lists of binge-worth additions. First up is Hulu, whose original programming slate pales in comparison to juggernaut Netflix, but still manages to offer its subscribers an impressive list of film and TV titles. For example, horror fans will rejoice at the inclusion of the first five Saw films, and we suspect the recent release of Spider-Man: Homecoming will encourage Hulu viewers to check out the phenomenal Spider-Man 2.


Spider-Man 2 (8/1)

The first Spider-Man film, which was also directed by Sam Raimi, will be available for everybody’s viewing pleasure come August 1st. Yet nothing compares to its 2004 sequel with its adept handling of Peter Parker’s (Tobey Maguire) struggle to juggle being the titular hero, Harry Osborn’s (James Franco) best friend, and Mary Jane Watson’s (Kirsten Dunst) love interest. Throw in Alfred Molina’s fantastic turn as the anti-villain Dr. Otto Octavius, and eureka! You’ve got one of the best superhero movies ever made.

Billy on the Street: Complete Season 5 (8/5)

If you kept up with “purple shirt watch” during this season’s Billy on the Street, then you’re in luck! The complete fifth season of truTV’s hilarious gotchya-style comedy program with Billy Eichner is now available to binge on Hulu. Sure, the man-on-the-street format is way past being overdone these days, but Eichner’s larger-than-life antics — be they about La La Land or John Oliver’s appeal to the LGBTQ community — stand apart. Even the HBO-produced Sesame Street recently got in on the action when Eichner guest-starred.

Difficult People: Season 3 Premiere (8/8)

Speaking of Eichner, he co-stars alongside series creator Julie Klausner in Difficult People, slated to return August 8th, and his character will be getting a new romantic interest in the form of Star Trek‘s John Cho. Following along as Julie and Billy continually screw up and fail while everyone else around them succeeds is bound to generate a few much-needed belly laughs this summer, as schadenfreude truly does work wonders for the soul.


Blue Velvet (8/31)

While Game of Thrones practically took over televisions (and the internet at large) on Sunday, another popular series kept chugging along. Eccentric director David Lynch’s modern followup to his acclaimed ’90s series Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks: The Return, aired its 10th episode. With eight more weird entries to go, fans of Lynch have plenty more to chew on in the coming months, but those who dig his films may want to check out the classic Blue Velvet before it disappears from Hulu on August 31st. It’s still there for at least a month and a half, but young Kyle MacLachlan won’t be there forever!

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