Is ‘The Walking Dead’ Over?

Since 2010, The Walking Dead has brought PG-13-level zombie mayhem to AMC. But although all things come to an end eventually, in today’s age nothing really dies, not even shows about the undead. This past Sunday, after 11 seasons, the main original show aired its final episode. But is that the end? Well, yes and no.

As per the fansite Undead Walking, The Walking Dead may have bid farewell with a long goodbye of 24 episodes in one season, but that doesn’t mean the end of its world. There are still five spinoffs that are either already deep into their run or are soon for this world. For the record, they are:

  • Fear the Walking Dead, which premiered in 2015. Over the summer it wrapped its seventh season, and has recently begun filming its eighth
  • Tales of the Walking Dead, which kicked off its first batch of episodes in late summer. As the title promises, each episode follows either new or established character. For instance, one delves into the backstory of Samantha Morton’s Alpha, leader of the Whispers, who wear walker skin to mask their humanity.
  • The Walking Dead: Dead City, which is due in April of next year. Once known as Isle of the Dead, it follows Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Maggie and Negan as they head to good ol’ New York City…whose streets have been taken over by walkers, forcing residents to take up residence in tall buildings and zipline between them.
  • The as-yet-untitled Daryl spinoff, which is due next year. This one obviously follows the show’s most iconic character, played by Norman Reedus.
  • And the as-yet-untitled Rick and Michonne spinoff, which will begin filming early next year, and follows two other beloved characters, played by Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira.

In other words, there’s a chance that The Walking Dead will never die, at least as a franchise.