James Gunn Says He ‘Got Every Character’ He Wanted In ‘The Suicide Squad,’ Even Some ‘WTF’ Ones

The Suicide Squad news has come fast and furious this last fortnight, with a pair of trailers and a slew of movie posters surfacing in recent days and giving fans plenty to pour over as they try to figure out what direction James Gunn’s film will head later this summer.

The movie’s marketing has stressed the “horribly beautiful mind” of director Gunn, which is an interesting turn of phrase and also notable in the wake of the Zack Snyder’s Justice League release on HBO Max. Director’s visions for superhero blockbusters are all the rage these days, so it was and so helpful when Gunn answered some questions about the film’s theatrical trailer when he shared it on social media Thursday.

As Gunn explained on Twitter, he didn’t have any complaints when it came to his vision for this version of The Suicide Squad, including all the obscure characters he wanted when it came to the script. Asked if Gunn “got” to feature the villains he wanted in his Suicide Squad, he made it clear on Twitter that his vision was not compromised here.

“I got every character I asked for,” Gunn wrote. “Even though sometimes they were like WTF?

While King Shark may have stolen the show in Thursday’s trailer, the trailer did give us some confirmation that some WTF characters are definitely appearing in the film. Nathan Fillion, for example, almost certainly appears to be playing a character called Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, also known as The Detachable Kid.


The thread has some other interesting details as well, including a note that some of the rats in the movie are real, and a bit of character inspiration.

In other words, what we get in August is very unlikely to have a four-hour cut of it coming a few years after the fact. Which is definitely good news for Gunn, and likely exactly what DC fans want to hear.

[via THR]