Of Course Jason Momoa Rocked A Tank Top In The Golden Globes Audience, But He Did It For A Solid Reason

During Sunday evening’s Golden Globes ceremony, Ricky Gervais cracked an excellent Leonardo DiCaprio joke, and Tom Hanks crafted a runaway meme without even trying. Speaking of effortless moves, Jason Momoa was in attendance, and although he worked a teal velvet jacket on the red carpet, he quickly abandoned that look for the real Momoa while hanging out in the audience at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Yep, he pulled his hair back and, more importantly for our purposes, decided to whip off the jacket and rock a black tank top. Guns out and everything.

Everyone got a real eyeful, too, when Succession‘s Brian Cox advanced to the stage to accept his award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series. Cox looked like he noticed, and so did the at-home audience.

Sure, Succession fans were thrilled to see their favorite patriarch take home a trophy, but people also had nothing but respect for Momoa apparently not giving any f****s for dressing up when he absolutely didn’t need to do so. However — and this is relevant — it sure looks like Momoa took off his jacket for a good reason because his wife, Lisa Bonet, was actually wearing the garment. It appears that she got a little chilly, and naturally, Jason stepped up to the plate.

So, it’s a win-win situation. Lisa Bonet is warm, and Momoa got to show off. He did wear the jacket later onstage to present an award, but still, the moment has been preserved for posterity. 2020 is a good year so far, folks.

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