Turns Out Jason Sudeikis Might Not Be A Fan Of Mitt Romney Cosplaying As Ted Lasso

Jason Sudeikis isn’t much of a tweeter, but he is a prolific Liker on Twitter, and thanks to that fact we now have a pretty good idea of what he thought about Mitt Romney dressing up as Ted Lasso for Halloween. On Thursday morning, the Utah senator blanketed his Twitter account with some super cringe-worthy pics of his costume, including one where he brings biscuits to Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema dressed as Hannah Waddingham’s character, Rebecca. It was pretty bad.

Naturally, Romney’s costume inspired an avalanche of reactions, and one of them clearly caught Sudeikis eye. Buried deep in his Likes (seriously, the guy likes a lot of tweets) is a tweet from former SNL writer Alex Baze, who dunked on Romney by noting, “The scariest thing he could think of was kindness.”

You can see a screencap of the tweet pulled from Sudeikis’ Likes below:

Jason Sudeikis on Twitter

It would surely seem that Sudeikis didn’t care for Romney’s costume and the weird, a-little-too Hitler-esque mustache. (Nobody paused for a minute after seeing that?)

As noted by Mashable earlier in the month, Sudeikis never tweets, but he is definitely aware of all the Ted Lasso activity bouncing around Twitter and will reportedly like random tweets, including ones dunking on the show. As of this writing, Sudeikis is currently in the middle of a white-hot Liking streak where he’s Liking just about every single Ted Lasso costume shared on Twitter. We had to sift through a small mountain of them just to find the Romney tweet. The man’s a machine.

(Via Jason Sudeikis on Twitter)