Jenna Fischer Posted An Instagram Photo Of Her Mini-‘Office’ Reunion With Oscar Nunez

Recently there’ve been a fair share of near-Office reunions: brunches, group cameos during Steve Carell’s SNL episode, recreations of classic scenes — everything save an actual revival, which Carell himself has done his best to shoot down. (Maybe he’ll change his mind after the critical response to his money-losing film Welcome to Marwen.) Anyway, here’s another: Jenna Fischer and Oscar Nunez randomly hung out at an ice skating rink on Christmas Eve.

Fischer rubbed it in but good, Instagramming a photo of the two erstwhile castmates smiling and embracing on the ice. “Just a little Christmas Eve ice skating with this guy! #oscarnunez #officechristmas (I’m trying very hard not to fall down in the photo.)

Seriously, it’s genuinely wonderful that Fischer and Nunez hung out, and it’s heat-warming that the cast seems to have stayed in touch. We can even ignore that every time they beam out their hang-outs to social media, it reminds us that the show is over, that it may never return — and that that should be fine, considering the American version of the show lasted a whopping nine seasons and 201 episodes. Maybe it simply reminds us that humanity can never be truly sated, that we always demand more, that not so deep inside us are gaping holes that can never be filled no matter how much content we put in them?

Oh well, at least we have that gif of that time Michael Scott body-checked Toby Flenderson at a hockey rink.