Jennifer Lawrence Named The One Song That She’d Want To Listen To For The Rest Of Her Life

Jennifer Lawrence’s last movie before taking a hiatus from acting was Dark Phoenix, the least successful of all the X-Men movies (New Mutants made less money, but at least it didn’t cost an estimated $200 million). But now she’s back, and her first post-hiatus film, Don’t Look Up, is breaking viewing records on Netflix. “In its second week on the streaming platform, the disaster movie has recorded 152,290,000 hours streamed between December 27 and January 2,” according to Variety, which puts it “right at the top of its leaderboard of globally viewed English-language films.”

Earlier this week, Lawrence visited The Late Show to discuss Don’t Look Up and also play “The Colbert Questionert,” a game of 15 questions “that when asked, reveal not only to me and the audience, but to the person being asked the questions who they truly are,” as host Stephen Colbert explained. One of the questions was: you get one song to listen to for the rest of your life, what is it? “Um… um… I can’t answer that! How do you answer that?” Lawrence said before settling on “Holding On to You” by Miranda Lambert.

The non-single from Lambert’s fifth album, Platinum, was co-written by Jessi Alexander (who also penned “The Climb” for Miley Cyrus) and Ashley Monroe, one-third of country supergroup Pistol Annies. It should not be confused with the Twenty One Pilots song of the same name, and it’s definitely not “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta F’ Wit.”

You can watch The Late Show clip above.