A ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant’s Huge Daily Double Wager Had Viewers Face-Palming And Recalling A Cliff Clavin Moment

Jeopardy! fans are reeling after a Final Jeopardy wager brought back memories of Cliff Clavin, the beloved mailman barfly from Cheers.

During an episode of the iconic sitcom, Cliff (John Ratzenberger) got a chance to showcase his know-it-all skills by competing on Jeopardy! Going into the final round, he was sitting pretty at $22,000. All Cliff had to do was not dip below $400 where the second place contestant was sitting. Unfortunately, he gambled his entire winnings and lost it all in a hilarious TV moment that’s giving Jeopardy! fans serious déjà vu.

During Wednesday night’s episode, leading contestant Karen Morris made a massive Final Jeopardy wager that left fans stunned, especially when it blew up in her face costing her the win.

Via TV Insider:

In Final Jeopardy, Morris still had the lead with $11,400. Klapper was in second with $8,700, and Wissner-Gross was in third with $7,200. The category was “American Novelists,” the clue being, “He served with an airman named Yohannan in World War II & despite what readers might think, he said he enjoyed his service.” The correct response was, “Who was Heller?”

Wissner-Gross gambled nothing, but answered correctly, remaining at $7,200. Klapper was also correct, wagering $8,000 and bringing her to $16,700. Morris answered incorrectly, wagering $6,001, taking her from first to last place after dominating for most of the game.

Even host Ken Jennings couldn’t help but comment on the risky gamble.

“Karen Morris had a big lead before tangoing with that final Daily Double,” Jennings noted from the podium. Meanwhile, on Twitter, Jeopardy! fans dubbed the moment a “modern day Cliff Clavin blunder.”

You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via TV Insider)