Kate Walsh Is Returning To ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Once Again, Officially, For Season 19(?!)

Everyone remembers where they were when Addison Montgomery showed up at the end of season one of Grey’s Anatomy. Okay, maybe not everyone, but she single-handedly shattered the Grey’s universe when it was revealed that she was married to McDreamy aka Patrick Demsey’s character on the hit ABC show that is still running, even if you stopped watching after season five like most of the world. But, the series is coming up on its 19th (!) season, and Addison will make her triumphant return.

Kate Walsh has joined the upcoming season as a recurring character at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, reprising her role as Dr. Addison Montgomery, a neo-natal surgeon. Walsh was originally on the series from 2005 to 2007, when she got her own Grey’s spinoff Private Practice, which ran for six seasons.

Throughout the 18-season run, Walsh would return for a handful of episodes here and there, most recently for a multi-episode story arch in 2021. For season 19, Walsh will be upgraded to a recurring star, which softens the blow after it was revealed that Ellen Pompeo would be appearing in a limited capacity. Pompeo is one of three original cast members remaining on the show, where she also serves as producer.

Now that the show has brought back both living and dead characters, it’s time for the show to bring back the only actual ghost, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He is ready and willing to do it!

(Via Variety)