Larry David Couldn’t Stop Cracking Up While Trying To Read Mean Tweets About Jimmy Kimmel

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Larry David loves mean tweets. While it is doubtful that either the real David or his fictional Curb Your Enthusiasm counterpart would actually use Twitter, the idea behind the mean tweets and their viciousness seems to speak out to the Seinfeld co-creator. During the montage of mean tweets about Jimmy Kimmel for his birthday on Monday, David made an appearance and seemed to enjoy his mean tweet a bit too much.

Well according to Kimmel, he and his staff talked about the segment a bit on Tuesday morning and the host found out that David couldn’t keep a straight face with any of the tweets he was asked to read for the show. Much like his appearance as Kevin Roberts in the rehearsals for Saturday Night Live, David just busts out laughing and doesn’t seem to stop. There were only a few tweets that the show could have used for the segment, but it is the joy they brought to David’s life that makes it all worth it. Either he just thrives on negativity and loves it or he’s not a fan of Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel says he is surprised by the montage of clips, not because the tweets were really mean and upset his mother but because he didn’t think Larry David was capable of that kind of joy. That said, there is no way Larry David doesn’t hate Twitter about five minutes after he joins it. He’s definitely more likely to just say whatever mean thing he is thinking in person than posting it online, possibly behind a fake identity.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)