Larry David Will Return To Host ‘SNL’ For A Second Time With Assistance From Miley Cyrus

The next time we’ll get a new SNL will be a pretty, pretty good time thanks to the return of Larry David for his second hosting appearance on the show. The Curb Your Enthusiasm star and Seinfeld co-creator will be back in Studio 8H for the first episode post-Halloween, giving some room to that animated David S. Pumpkins special on October 28th. We can likely expect to see some more Bernie Sanders fun, something to coincide with the return of Curb for its 9th season, and hopefully another run through with Kevin Roberts — the original and best David S. Pumpkins.

David will be joined by Miley Cyrus as musical guest, but sadly without Vanessa Bayer, SNL’s version of Miley, on the cast. Maybe she can pop back in for a special appearance for The Miley Cyrus Show or maybe the pop star will stay away from sketches to focus solely on music. That would be shame because it is one of those episodes where both guests can help carry a sketch without dragging it down.

Cyrus will be supporting her album Younger Now and possibly even dropping a new single by that point, something fans seem to be anticipating online. She shared the news of her SNL appearance on Twitter after it was announced during the episode on Saturday.

Will we end up seeing some sort of sketch featuring David’s Confederate past as a joke? Probably not, but you’d have to think the idea will at least cross through the writer’s room.

(Via SNL)