Leah Remini Warns Stephen Colbert About Angering The Church Of Scientology

The last time Leah Remini was on the talk show circuit, she ruffled plenty of feathers within the Scientology community and even ended up dragging hosts like Conan O’Brien into the controversy a bit. With the second season of her A&E documentary series premiering soon and her role on Kevin Can Wait expanding, the actress is back out for promotion and seems to be full of more smiles than before. Earning awards, acceptance, and critical praise will do that.

Monday saw her stop on The Late Show to chat with Stephen Colbert and she ended up giving him a bit of a warning that he was treading into the territory that the church wasn’t going to be happy with. His response was a desire to go further in that direction, so you can’t say he was actually too worried. The thing that is evident from the get go is just how relaxed Remini seems when discussing her former religion and how it is viewed as a cult.

Colbert continues to try and make comparisons to other religions during the chat, bringing up his belief in angels and how it compares to Scientology’s views on L. Ron Hubbard and the other controversial views they have been reported to believe in. It’s where Remini is quick to make sure Colbert knows the distinction, comparing Scientology to Big Brother’s regime in 1984 as opposed to the different branches of faith people practice.

Remini also refers to Scientology as a business multiple times during the chat and praises the people who have come on her show for speaking out and facing almost instant criticism from those within the church. Colbert even wonders if he’ll be receiving his own Scientology website in the near future for having her on and discussing the organization, though like we said, it almost seems like a badge of honor to him.

They also discuss her return to Kevin Can Wait, but don’t mention how the show is killing off his TV wife to make room for her. It is a reunion, though, and TV loves a good reunion.

(Via The Late Show)