Lena Headey Had A Blunt Response When Asked If She Keeps Up With ‘House Of The Dragon’

Lena Headey has plenty going on these days. She will soon appear in Kurt Sutter’s The Abandons (for Netflix) as a powerful matriarch who satisfies her motherly tendencies in an atypical way. Currently, however, she is promoting her directorial feature debut, The Trap, and sat down with The Hollywood Reporter, where she (of course) fielded some Game of Thrones questions.

The woman who embodied Cersei has previously gone on record to say that she wasn’t thrilled with how her Lannister went out. It’s easy to see why the actress was underwhelmed by her character being done away with in the crumbles of the Red Keep while in an incestuous embrace with Jamie. More to the point now, however, is House of the Dragon, a bona fide hit for HBO, but something that doesn’t seem to interest Headey at all. Here’s how that line of questioning went:

I naturally wanted to ask a couple Thrones-related questions. First, I’m curious: Have you watched House of the Dragon?


Would that be too weird for you to watch?

Too weird. Yeah.

Headey then elaborated about how cool it would have been if Cersei and Arya had a showdown, and how pretty much every GoT actor had a tendency to “start trying to write the story yourself.” Fortunately, that final GoT season didn’t leave as much of a bad taste in viewers’ mouths because House of the Dragon (which will be back soon but never soon enough) has been going strong since its premiere. Whew.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)