When Does ‘House Of The Dragon’ Season 2 Come Out?

Before House of the Dragon arrived, I distinctly remember a lot of fretting over whether the show would be as popular as Game of Thrones, especially after viewers felt slightly burned by that show’s final season. Fortunately, the people turned out with entire NYC buildings lighting up with the same fiery scene of the series premiere. The prequel didn’t let up from there, and let’s just say that HBO made the right move by picking the Targaryen gang to launch the next phase of George R.R. Martin’s source material.

House of the Dragon is based upon the Fire and Blood novel, and people are digging the show hard. They really cannot get enough of those doomed Targaryens, even if we know what happens to the clan as of a few hundred years in the future. Before Daenerys went on to be the Khaleesi, however, Rhaenyra and Daemon lead Team Black against the Hightower-based Team Green in the Dance Of Dragons civil war, which is where Season 2 picks up. All of the fury over Luke’s death will cause much more bloodshed, and with fewer shows on the release schedule right now, these dragons should dominate.

When will Season 2 premiere, however? HBO hasn’t clued us in on a precise date as of yet. However, filming was not interrupted by the Hollywood strikes, given that it filmed in Europe. So, we should expect a Summer 2024 return (UPDATE: This has been confirmed), which is actually much quicker than the final GoT seasons.

Additionally, the premiere episode will be called “A Son For A Son,” so we might see some literal vengeance after the events of the Season 1 finale. Team Black will be united with House Velaryon and have command of the seas, and both Team Black and Team Green will have dragons on their side, but it sure seems like Aemond cannot control the biggest dragon of all. It’s probably a really good thing that Paddy Considine’s King Viserys will no longer be around to see his two families do their best to take each other out. RIP!