Leslie Jones And Kyle Mooney Take Things To The Next Level In A Surreal ‘SNL’ Sketch

During this weekend’s Saturday Night Live season finale, Leslie Jones yet again proved just how good she was at balancing ridiculous comedy chops with real-world commentary. As great as her “Weekend Update” bit regarding Alabama’s new controversial anti-abortion law, however, it was the SNL cast member’s return to a long-standing sketch series with colleague Kyle Mooney that really turned some heads. Titled “Leslie & Kyle,” the episode-ending bit sees the pair rekindle their relationship with a dreamy musical number.

The entire four-minute skit is as odd as it is funny, a rather difficult combination that pretty much anything Mooney takes part it. (See: his “beef” with Pete Davidson over Ariana Grande from earlier this season.) The TL;DR version of “Leslie & Kyle” is the pair’s fake relationship, which is a part of an ongoing series of pre-taped bits for the past few years, becomes a reality when they randomly decide to watch one of the previous sketches while having a glass of wine.

“They truly thought it was real,” Mooney jokes. “It’s ridiculous,” Jones responds. Then cue a brief round of flirtation that quickly transforms into a surreal, dreamlike song-and-dance number performed by the two lovers.

It’s odd SNL at its best, and Jones and Mooney knock it out of the park. Then again, they’ve been chomping at this bit for the past few seasons, so it only goes to show just how wonderful of a comedic pairing these two are.

Here are a few of their other “relationship” SNL sketches from previous episodes and seasons.