Letterman: ‘Leno’s a Boob’

04.27.10 9 years ago 5 Comments

Dr. Phil was a guest on “The Late Show” last night, and he brought up the late-night wars that provided us so much conversational fodder during the cold winter months. And Letterman, bless his heart, calls Leno a “boob” and promptly shuts down Dr. Phil when that southern-fried retard tries to stick up for Leno. Of course Dr. Phil likes Leno. My God that dude is one bland lameass.

And someone at CBS agrees with me, because the description for this video — from CBS’s official YouTube channel — reads:

“It’s the late-night wars revisited with Dave and that quack, Dr. Phil.”

Hear hear. Dr. Phil is proof that Oprah is evil. I feel like she put him on TV to win a bet. Like someone bet her a million dollars she couldn’t take a guidance counselor in a Kentucky middle school and make him a TV star.

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