02.17.10 8 years ago 33 Comments

Hey everybody, remember Oasis? They made two okay and one good-but-massively-overrated album in the 1990s, and the prick brothers who ran the band would occasionally stop punching each other long enough to proclaim themselves the greatest band since the Beatles. Well, the Brit Awards were last night, and Oasis’s (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? was named the best British album of the last thirty years, beating out nine other finalists that included The Verve (but not Radiohead) and proving that British music awards are just as unbelievably retarded as American ones.

Anyway, Liam Gallagher emerged from a decade of irrelevance with his gigantic ego intact to accept the award and make an eight-second speech that included an F-bomb before dropping the microphone and walking off the stage (video below). Yes, he actually did that. It’s no wonder host Peter Kay called him a “knobhead.” (I think that’s an insult, I’m not sure. Does Babelfish have a British-to-American translator?)

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