People Can’t Believe How Much Lily James Looks Like Pamela Anderson In The ‘Pam And Tommy’ Trailer

Unlike Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee, which makes perfect sense, I’ll admit to being skeptical when I heard that Lilly James was cast as Pamela Anderson in Hulu’s Pam and Tommy. “The English actress? From Downton Abbey and Cinderella?” But my doubt started to disappear when I saw the first photos from the series, and it’s gone for good now that the trailer is out. Lily James is Pamela Anderson.

In Pam and Tommy, Stan and James, who spent “anywhere from three to five hours [on] hair and makeup” every day, play the original Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, whose sex tape is stolen by Seth Rogen’s greasy-haired Rand Gauthier. “In some ways, it’s very similar to I, Tonya with the surprise of it,” director Craig Gillespie said about the series. “There’s the victimization of the media and what happened with that tape that was such an affront to them, and how it really ultimately severely damaged their personal life and her career. There’s this situation with the public who snicker and go, ‘Oh, yeah, I know that story. They sold it.’ But people just don’t know the story.”

They don’t know the story (yet), but they do know James’ transformation into Pamela Anderson (with a voice like Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn) is incredible.

Pam and Tommy premieres on February 2, 2022.