Links: “…And No Cat Sellin’!”

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Japan, you so crazy. Seven examples of Japanese awesomeness, by the magnificent RoboPanda. [Uproxx]

Erin Andrews has never looked hotter. She had a ton of eyeshadow on during her appearance on Kimmel, and it looked fantastic. I can never get enough eye makeup on a woman. Probably has something to do with losing my virginity to a raccoon. He was a gentle lover. [With Leather]

FX +Crime + The South= me watching. The network has ordered a pilot for a crime drama called “Outlaw Country.” [Inside TV]

At least you can talk to Losties. Man, those Avatards are some GD freaks. [FilmDrunk]

MEGAN FOX IN 19TH CENTURY LINGERIE. Syfy has the first footage released from the Jonah Hex movie. It’s a preview for the trailer, which is a sensible thing to make. [Gamma Squad]

I’m not sure what this is about, but I like the severed heads. I wish we still fought wars with medieval weapons. Killing used to be so personal. [Comics Alliance]

Below: all the things I’ve seen over the last couple days that I haven’t had the chance to share. There are some real delights to be witnessed here.

Meet your new meme. This little girl will be taking over the Internet now. [julia segal]

Man, I forgot how retarded the transitions were. All the scene wipes from Season 3 of “Home Improvement,” set to “So Bored” by Wavves. [Best Week Ever]

This puppy is feeling blue. I’ve had this page open in a Chrome window for three days now. [English Russia]

This parrot barks like a dog. That is all. [Japan Probe]

Yup, that’s a puppy in a fedora. I have a knee-jerk distaste for Vice, but I have to give them their due for the “dandy critters” fashion shoot. [Vice]

Pug fight! YouTube description: “An animated short that explores the unbelievably cruel but really adorable world of underground pug fighting.” [The Duty]

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