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RAWR! Mario Lopez rocked this super-sexy lingerie and leather bustier on “Nip/Tuck,” and I can barely control myself. He really puts the boy in boy shorts. [Socialite Life]

Jeremy Piven has a great sense of humor. He sent a “cease and desist” letter to the people who made a comedic play about the mercury poisoning that led to him quitting “Speed-the-Plow.” [Page Six]

Awkward Moments in Facebook. This made me laugh. Partially because I’m terrified that my mom just joined Facebook. Say goodbye to drunk status updates. [College Humor]

The Kanye West/”CSI: Miami” comic. My favorite four panels on the Internet deliver the requisite pun. It could use Kanye interrupting the comic, though. [Kanyegate]

First episode of “Bored to Death” is available online. You can watch it for free at Amazon. No spoilers, please: I don’t have time to watch it until later tonight. [Amazon]

‘Jay Does Right What Conan Does Wrong (and Vice Versa)’ A clear-eyed look at the late-night landscape, focusing on Leno and Conan. It’s pretty depressing. — probably because I can’t really disagree with most of what’s said. [Vanity Fair]

(p.s. Sorry about the delay this afternoon.)

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