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BRA. VO. This mutation of the “CSI: Miami” comic meme is the coolest thing I’ve seen all day. And people, I’ve looked at a LOT of dinosaur pictures today. [Chicken Crap via Nerd Salad]

Who should replace Kevin Eubanks on ‘The Tonight Show’? Some interesting, unlikely, and unorthodox choices here. I would’ve gone with an old toaster. [Inside TV]

Must-watch video of the day: Santa Claus versus Coolio on a Bay Area bus. Oh, and the old guy in the video? Yeah, he’s the same guy who got tased at an A’s game last year. [With Leather]

NBC, sucking to the max. On NBC’s Olympic website: tweets from Olympians about how much NBC’s Olympic coverage sucks. That’s a burn. [Deadspin]

‘Woody Harrelson dons a homemade superhero costume and fights crime with a teenaged prostitute.  Also, he’s in a movie.’ Love you, RoboPanda. [Gamma Squad]

Wu-Tang, still badass after all these years. Their new album art is comics-inspired. [Comics Alliance]

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