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Not the world’s largest dog at all. College Humor assembled 20 photos of gigantic animals, many of which are obviously Photoshopped fakes. They claim the doctored image here is Hercules, the world’s largest dog — an Internet ruse that dates back almost three years and is quickly debunked with the simplest of Web searches. Astoundingly lazy work, but it’s a fun gallery. [College Humor]

The Internet needs more wizards playing guitar. 87-year-old Christopher Lee — better known as Saruman the White from the Lord of the Rings trilogy — has made a metal concept album. [Gamma Squad]

A scathing review of Tuesday night’s ‘Conveyor Belt of Love.’ I can’t say I disagree much with the author, but I did think the show had its merits as cheap entertainment. On a related note, reader Michael emailed with this observation: “One of the contestants was the struggling actress who was once the street performer Wonder Woman at Hollywood & Highland and is featured in the documentary ‘Confessions of a Superhero’ [see thumbnails]. I think it’s funny/annoying when reality shows try to pass off people, who are clearly actors, as ‘real people.'” Agreed. I’d wager at least half of the women on “The Bachelor” have fabricated occupations. [Pajiba]

Funny, and yet no bags of urine. American soccer star Landon Donovan, who’s despised by the filthy animals who cheer for the Mexican soccer team (and many American fans), is in a Mexican commercial, and it’s kind of awesome, actually. [With Leather]

‘You suck, Grenier!’ Someone threw a drink at Adrian Grenier while his sucky band played in Atlantic City. No word on whether his recorder was harmed. [NY Daily News]

Wow, more sassy gay guys! Unbelievable! The teaser for the new season of “Project Runway” really isn’t worth its own post, so you can check it out at YouTube. Pretty disappointing that a show I used to really enjoy has been made completely irrelevant by being on Lifetime. [YouTube]

I smiled in spite of myself. Jimmy Fallon and the Muppets were just doing a simple camera test when, goofing around, they broke out into a spontaneous version of Three Dog Night’s “One.” I was skeptical, then ended up grinning through the final 20 seconds or so. [Late Night Blog via BWE]

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