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Hahaha, I love you Trampoline Dog. Some people probably don’t find this video entertaining. I don’t want to be friends with those people. [via BuzzFeed]

Hey, I know that kid! The irony is that Internet commenters would never get a print subscription. Also: thank you, Warming Glow commenters, for being way awesomer than the stereotype mocked here. [via Julia Segal]

Take this out of context if you like. Barack Obama will be on “America’s Most Wanted.” [Inside TV]

Poor Marisa Tomei. On Oscar night, she’ll be in a commercial with Dan Cortese. [FilmDrunk]

Okay, okay, it’s awesome. If you still haven’t seen OK Go’s video for “This Too Shall Pass,” you need to get on that horse and start ridin’. [Gamma Squad]

Woof! Tiger Woods’s college girlfriend looks like she went to Stanford or something. [With Leather] (Also: the crap-com “Yes, Dear” predicted the Woods scandal.)

HURRRRRRR. Debra Messing will star as conservative pundit Evelyn Wright in an ABC sitcom called — wait for it… waaaaaait — “Wright vs. Wrong.” The runner-up for the name of the show was just three honks on a bike horn. [THR]

But my mom knows what fits! How to find the right jeans, by the excellent Gotty. It’s worth it just for the pictures of famous people in awful jeans. [Uproxx]

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