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Huzzah, cleavage! NBC has released the first pictures of Padma Lakshmi’s guest spot on “30 Rock.” She’ll appear in the November 12th episode. [AceShowbiz]

Hot for teacher: Abigail Spencer, who plays Don Draper’s schoolteacher mistress on “Mad Men,” shared some beauty tips or whatever for some crappy magazine. The important thing is that that magazine had the good judgment to have a photo gallery of her looking pretty. Which she is. [OK!]

In case you missed it: The New York Times did an exhaustive, detailed profile on Jeff Dunham, and the conclusion writ in every sentence is twofold: Jeff Dunham is terrible, and weep for America. [New York Times via Videogum]

Why television makes the world a better place. Exception: “The Jeff Dunham Show.” Still, this is an intriguing read from Charles Kenny. []

Wait, Dr. Drew’s actually a doctor? Dr. Drew Pinsky saved a boy’s life on the sidelines of a football game by performing CPR when he went into a coma. [TV Squad]

The commercial that caught everyone’s attention this weekend. If you watched any NFL games on Sunday, you were mesmerized by a certain Reebok commercial (see viedo below). The woman is Jessica Felice, and here are some pictures of her. God bless the Internet. [via @twoeightnine]

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