02.25.09 9 years ago 9 Comments

CBS, obviously in need of creating more crime-related procedural dramas, has tapped LL Cool J to star in an “NCIS” spin-off, tentatively titled “Crappy Premise.”

LL Cool J has signed on for the planned spin-off of “NCIS.” The rapper will play a former Navy Seal who works in the undercover unit of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service in Los Angeles. The spin-off will air later this season as a two-part episode of “NCIS.”

This may be the most ridiculous and far-fetched television idea since “LOST” suspended the laws of physics indefinitely.  The real CIS (it’s just “CIS” in the military) is way too busy busting petty officers for small-scale drug rings to devote time and money to an undercover unit in Los Angeles, where — by the way — there is no established military presence whatsoever.  You see, far-fetched though it may be, “Naval” investigative units are actually devoted to solving military crimes.

But good work, CBS.  I look forward to “Hawaiian Five-O: Mexico.”

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