This New ‘MacGyver’ First Look Will Try To Distract You With Bikinis And Machine Guns

Following a massive overhaul courtesy of horror director James Wan and Hawaii Five-0 showrunner Peter Lenkov, the upcoming MacGyver reboot at CBS is ready for its fall premiere. Yes, that’s right folks. The classic ’80s television property that once sued its SNL parody is coming back to the small screen — complete with a cast filled out by the rebooted X-Men movies and CSI. And just in case you don’t believe any of this (which, to be honest, you probably shouldn’t), CBS just dropped a new trailer for the series on YouTube.

Lucas Till, the former X-Men star turned Monster Trucks driver, takes top billing as Angus MacGyver, the role originated by Richard Dean Anderson in the original series. Along with George Eads of CSI fame and several new faces, MacGyver hopes to do for CBS what the retooled Hawaii Five-0 has been doing for it since it premiered in 2010.

Whether or not this iteration of the character will accomplish its goal remains to be seen. However, if Till, Eads and the rest of the cast manage to keep up the kitschy dialogue, bloated action scenes and passable special effects for 20 or more episodes, then maybe? Besides, with plenty of bikinis and machine guns hidden in the background while countless explosions remind viewers of Michael Bay’s influence on the genre, maybe MacGyver will manage to MacGyver itself into the network’s regular schedule.

MacGyver, with its bikini-wearing, machine gun-wielding background extras, arrives September 23 on CBS.