Maisie Williams On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Scripts: ‘Holy Balls, Sh*t Gets Real’

Let’s just start this off by saying we’re nowhere close to seeing another season of Game Of Thrones. Due to winter finally coming, production of the most popular show on television has been pushed back so film crews can capture authentic snowbound landscapes in Iceland and beyond. Unfortunately, that means the premiere date has been pushed back as well. Currently, season seven of Game of Thrones is set to debut in the summer of 2017, as opposed to the typical April timeline.

That means all the actors have just begun to receive their scripts for new episodes. Sophie Turner confirmed this last week, but apparently learned from last season that anything she says will be pulled apart and boiled down into spoilers. So she’s keeping relatively quiet this time around. Not Maisie Williams, though, who plays Arya Stark. She continues to be one of the most entertaining people on social media, and while there’s not a lot of actual info in her tweets, there’s certainly more than enough hype:

Should we even be surprised? With only two seasons of seven episodes each left to go, of course the sprint to the finish line for Game of Thrones is going to be crazy! But even just getting this confirmation from a biased source is enough to make us squirm in anticipation. And this season hasn’t even started filming. It’s actually still in casting!

Summer is just ending, and we’re not getting more Game of Thrones till next summer. That’s how long we’re gonna have to wait after this epic tease. We don’t know whether to thank Maisie Williams or curse her.