Your Romantic ‘Sherlock’ Fan Art Is Cool With Martin Freeman

Stephen Colbert and Martin Freeman make an adorable team. Of course, it would be terrible if the planet’s favorite Tolkien expert and Bilbo Baggins were threatening each other with broken bottles whenever they met. That’s why it’s nice to savor charming things like Freeman’s appearance on Friday’s edition of The Late Show.

The two gentlemen engaged in some cheery chat that made its way from talk of Freeman’s Love Actually nudity to the boy-on-boy fan fantasies attached to Sherlock to a snappy exchange about his feelings about the Queen. (The England one. Not the Beyonce one.) Here’s how the Fargo alum responded to being asked if the Royals are like “folks down the road.”

Martin Freeman: The answer is obviously I don’t care about that.

Stephen Colbert: Cause why is it obvious? You’re a subject.

Freeman: (laughs) Listen, that’s nothing compared to where you’re going to be in January.

*audiences goes berserk*

Tap Freeman to host the UK edition of Pardon My Zinger, please. It really is a great interview and the crown jewel may be Freeman chatting about the sexy Sherlock and Watson fan art that Sherlock has sprung to life. The actor’s not only cool with it (as he should be), but Colbert and Freeman agree that it’s nice to have your body drawn on a flattering way. Give it a gander for yourself.