05.20.09 9 years ago 6 Comments

There is so much going on in this local furniture emporium ad that I can hardly believe it’s only thirty seconds long.  Allow me to answer your questions: Yes, that old man is wearing a wig that looks nothing like human hair.  No, I don’t know why they couldn’t get him a real guitar to fake-play.  No, I’m not sure why the woman sitting in the chair blows up (it’s either a nod to Spinal Tap or a warning about the safety of their chairs).  And yes, it IS awesome that she shows up as a ghost at the end of the commercial.

I think a great idea for a show would be a half-hour of nothing but the most awesomely bad local commercials.  They could call it “The Most Awesomely Bad Local Commercials.”  It could air on VH1, and they could get Judah Friedlander and Godfrey to talk about the commercials and completely eliminate any chance of me enjoying the show.

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