Maya Rudolph And Martin Short Fight Crime And Uncooperative Weather On ‘Fallon’

Try not to be scandalized by this news, but some famous people got up to silly shenanigans on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Sadly, there was no Drinko on Friday’s edition of the NBC late night staple, but we did get Maya Rudolph, Martin Short and Jimmy Fallon looking into their gritty cop show past. Well, provided they walked into a particularly gritty wind pattern.

The trio of SNL alums trotted out an 80s police spoof that Fallon said the network found to be “too real.” (This would presumably be the same network that aired programs like Point Pleasant Police Department and Suspended Suspense.) As you may have sorted out from the title, this television program combined the gripping intrigue of a toll cop drama with the dangers of doing the job in the face of an absurd amount of wind. Some might even suggest it’s a comedic amount of wind.

In addition to having to navigate the cruel unforgiving winds of Chicago, these hapless cops (who clearly are having a ball) also have to keep their wits as fish, feathers and the contents of an exploded silly string factory fly their way. See? Gritty!

Elsewhere in Maya, Martin and Jimmy talk, the Tonight Show host will be among the notable names popping up on the premiere of NBC’s new variety offering Maya & Marty. The series is set to debut on May 31.