Matthew Perry Got Raw About Why This Is The Best Time To Discuss His Addiction Struggles In A Memoir

Matthew Perry’s memoir, Friends, Lovers, And The Big Terrible Thing, sounds like a lot, to be blunt. The book, which released on November 1, includes multiple controversial observations, including his apparent distaste for Keanu Reeves and a “mortifying” (to Valerie Bertinelli) account of a make-out session next to a passed-out Eddie Van Halen. Perry also recounted raw details about his health issues related to addiction. Those include his teeth falling right out (at a moment that should have been unlikely) and his heart-stopping circumstances while pulling out of an Adam McKay movie.

Still, could Matthew Perry’s revelation-filled memoir *be* any better timed? He thinks not. At this point, Perry has been sober for over 18 months, and via Hollywood Reporter, he opened up (during a NYC town hall event hosted by Jess Cagle) about why this was go-time for a memoir:

“I felt very secure in my sobriety,” the actor shared. “It took very hard work to get there. Because you can’t write a book like this and then, you know, you appear drunk at your local bar.”

There’s nothing quite like upping the stakes for personal accountability. It’s practically insurance. As well, Perry discussed his (slightly evil) new pickleball addiction and how his (wonderful) “sudden” obsession, writing, helps him stop “feeling uncomfortable and agitated.” The Chandler Bing actor spoke up about how he recently “sat in front of my laptop and 10 days later I had written a play,” so there’s that to anticipate. And let’s hope this won’t be a not-so-subtle tale about a supervillain named Reanu Keeves.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)