Meghan McCain Got Dragged For Tweeting About Her ‘Jeopardy’ Question Instead Of Addressing The Fox News Scandal

Meghan McCain took a break from her normal tweeting activity of spreading right-wing talking points to gush about crossing an item off of her bucket list. (This would not be entirely true.) The former The View co-host is apparently a huge Jeopardy! fan, so imagine McCain’s surprise when she learned that not only was she a question, but it referenced her dad, the late Senator John McCain. The Jeopardy! clue was also a pretty solid plug for her book that can certainly use the help. It sold fewer than 300 copies. Oof.

“A bit of a maverick herself, in Bad Republican this political daughter writes about not fitting in,” the Jeopardy! text read, and McCain loved it.

“Bucket list!!” McCain tweeted. “Can’t believe I’m a question on @Jeopardy tonight! What an honor – and so glad the contestant got it right!”

Of course, it didn’t take long for McCain to get roasted in the comments, particularly over the fact that her entire pundit career is built on being one of the biggest nepo babies in politics. McCain also got dragged for not commenting on the recent Fox News scandal involving court documents that showed its most prominent anchors like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity didn’t buy into Donald Trump’s election fraud scheme yet still pushed it to protect the network’s stock price.

You can see some of the reactions below:

And in pure McCain style, it turns out her tweet wasn’t even accurate. She already was a Jeopardy! question back in 2019.

That’s our Meghan.

(Via Meghan McCain on Twitter)