Melissa McCarthy Shows Her Dedication To Physical Comedy In The Never-Ending ‘Just Desserts!’ On ‘SNL’

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Melissa McCarthy hit a lot of her trademark spots during her fifth time hosting SNL, including what may be the final appearance for White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. There was an absence or two from the festivities, including a severe lack of McCarthy doing some sort of weird dancing, but we got one of her main strengths out of the way with the first real sketch of the night.

McCarthy has stood out with her physical comedy since becoming a true star in Bridesmaids and shooting “hot lava” into a bridal boutique sink. She also used it to her advantage in past appearances on SNL, including a memorable rendezvous with some ranch dressing. This time around she’s entering the slop thanks to a never-ending selection of pies and desserts on a fake game show. Accented by Kenan Thompson’s screams in one of his only roles of the night, McCarthy just takes pie after pie to the face, followed by a spray of water and a blast of air to clean some of it off.

She seemed so pleased to be on the game show too, looking to win some big prizes. By the end, it was nothing but torture with the promise of bigger pies with crusts and things tossed into the mix. It’s no Chris Farley on the Japanese game show, but it’ll do for something not related to politics.

(Via SNL)

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