Miss Minutes Got Dark As Hell In The Latest Episode Of ‘Loki’ And Viewers Don’t Know How To React

After sitting on the sidelines for the first two episodes, Miss Minutes finally made her Loki Season 2 debut, and the adorable little clock is out of her freaking cartoon mind.

The Season 1 finale pulled back the curtain on Miss Minutes (Tara Strong) by revealing that she works for He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors) and helped him build the Time Variance Authority so he can curate the Sacred Timeline. However, Season 2 Episode 3 dives into deeper into that relationship, and hoo boy. If people thought the Miss Minutes’ jump scare from last season was bad, they ain’t seen nothing yet.

After Miss Minutes summoned Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) to the late 1800s Wisconsin where she drops a TVA guidebook into the window of a young boy’s window, the two jumped ahead 25 years where the boy has grown up to become a con-man/scientist named Victor Timely (Majors). More notably, he’s a variant of He Who Remains, or possibly the actual He Who Remains. It gets real timey-wimey.

Anyway, it becomes clear throughout the episode that Miss Minutes is the jealous type, and she slowly goes off the deep end as Victor seems to be smitten with Renslayer while on a boat to Wisconsin. By playing on his disdain for working with a partner, Miss Minutes is able to convince Victor to toss Renslayer overboard. And that’s when the cartoon clock makes her move.

In one of the most disturbing Marvel scenes ever put on screen, Miss Minutes reveals her undying love for Victor/He Who Remains and literally starts demanding he make her a body, so she can be his “girl.” (She’ll ultimately be clock-blocked by Renslayer, who was not thrilled to be thrown off a boat.) The show really went there, and Loki fans couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

You can see some of the reactions below:

Loki Season 2 streams new episodes Thursday on Disney+.