Is Moon Knight A Hero Or Villain?

While the first look at Marvel’s Moon Knight shows Oscar Isaac characters doing your typical superhero things like leaping from rooftops and pummeling bad guys, there’s also an element of horror to the character who does have a mummy-like appearance and is notably haunted by a terrifying Egyptian deity. Marvel also recently revealed that Moon Knight will sport different costumes just like in the comics. While audiences were first shown his more heroic look complete with a flowing cape and moonarangs, Moon Knight also has been shown in a dapper white suit that gives the character a more devious, methodical look.

This version of Moon Knight seems more interested in, uh, surgically retrieving information from his assailants than punching it out of them à la Batman.

All of this raises the question: Is Moon Knight a hero or a villain? The most simple answer is that, of course, Moon Knight is a hero. In the comics, he often served on The Avengers and has repeatedly done battle with the forces of evil. That said, his methods can be often intense, if not outright unhinged, depending on which of his varying identities are in action, which puts Moon Knight in the more nebulous category of anti-hero. Granted, Moon Knight is not as far deep into that category as The Punisher, who’s gun-heavy methods have routinely put him odd with almost every Marvel hero. But when you’re serving the bidding of an Egyptian moon god — or thwarting said bidding — things tend to get messy.

Let’s just say, while his intentions may ultimately be good, Moon Knight is more concerned with the supernatural task at hand than worrying about the law or how his actions might look to people who haven’t been brought back from the dead by an ancient deity.

Marvel’s Moon Knight premieres March 30 on Disney+.