People Are Going Nuts Over Disney+’s New ‘Moon Knight’ Poster (And There’s One Unsavory Joke You Can’t Unsee)

Oscar Isaac’s entrance into the MCU (in Moon Knight) is making people feel a little, uh, overheated. The show’s trailers forecast a more intense and psychologically taxing ride than we’ve ever seen before from Disney/Marvel Studios, and the show is upon us on March 30. That means that people are freaking out about the Dune star who they sometimes refer to as Space Daddy, and we’ll get some bonus intensity from who’s Ethan Hawke’s David Koresh-esque cult leader/villain, who’s messing with Oscar’s psychologically afflicted character (Steven Grant) and enjoying the hell out of himself.

And now, there’s a new poster. It’s a doozy and fully viewable on Twitter.

In this story, Grant’s an everydude and a gift-shot employee, who finds himself besieged with dissociative identity disorder, and he’s also finding himself within the (same, it’s confusing) body as a mercenary. This is somehow all tied to the Egyptian gods, but let’s just say that people are very excited about this poster, even though those eyes look a little “off.” Hey, it’s Oscar Isaac, so people should maybe stop quibbling about every detail and remember that this is the guy wtih those Ex Machina dance moves, and yes, fans are excited, to say the very least.

Naturally, there’s one (slightly unsavory) joke that someone could not resist. Blame it on the gloves, man.

Mostly, though, people cannot control themselves. Calmness!

Disney’s Moon Knight premieres on March 30.