The ‘Morbius’ Defenders Carried The Jared Leto Vamp Picture To A Surprisingly Solid Debut Night

The uphill Morbius: The Living Vampire battle might be taking an unexpected turn for what many assumed would be a Marvel Cinematic Miss for Sony. Hey, that’s show business, baby.

The Jared Leto-starring picture — in which he vamps out because he can’t stand to not pile on the makeup or prosthetics — has answered to absolutely brutal reactions and the dubious most-delayed movie record of the pandemic. Granted, the masses had a lot of fun with this advance fallout because Leto irked plenty of people with his Worst Joker, so a 19% rotten was something that people loved to see.

Add that to an oddly selected release date (April 1), and none of this boded well for the brilliant-scientist-turned-bloodsucker story, which critics called “bad” and “sloppy” with “insulting” post-credit scenes from a comic-book lover standpoint. However, there’s a new wrinkle in the equation: moviegoers carried Morbius to a surprisingly solid Thursday night preview. As The Hollywood Reporter reveals, things look “promising”:

Jared Leto’s new movie Morbius — centering on the character known as “The Living Vampire” in the Marvel comic books from whence he hails — flew to a promising $5.7 million in Thursday previews at the domestic box office.

The Sony pic could open anywhere from $33 million to $40 million-plus for the weekend. The studio is being uber cautious and stressing the $33 million estimate. Insiders at Sony note that Morbius isn’t a traditional superhero pic, but more of a genre film based on one of the many Marvel characters Sony holds the rights to.

And that’s led so some semi-guilty sounding reactions on Twitter, including, “No it’s not an April Fools, I genuinely really liked Morbius.”

This is not a standalone take, either. People are pouring in, wondering if they are “crazy” for liking Morbius and asking why the movie got slammed so hard. Granted, this will be no billion-dollar movie, but hey, to each their own when it comes to vampire flicks.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)