Nathan Fillion Will Join ‘Modern Family’ For An Extended Stretch This Season

Nathan Fillion is keeping it in the ABC family. The former Castle leading man, which was canceled amidst much drama after eight seasons on the air this spring, is joining fellow ABC darling Modern Family for an extended guest arc in its upcoming season. He doesn’t even have to figure out new driving directions to work! Not only will Fillion be goofing off with one of the funniest casts on television, but he’ll have one of the most pun-tastic character names this side of Bojack Horseman.

You see, Fillion will be playing a weatherman who becomes involved with the Dunphy family one way or another, a weatherman with the name “Rainor Shine.” Like “rain or shine.” Get it? It’s a precipitation pun! While it’s an exceedingly obvious precipitation pun, that doesn’t make it any less joyful. It opens up the possibility that Fillion’s character will be exposed as someone who made his name up just for his career – el scandalo! Whatever his connection to the Dunphy’s, Fillion has a long career of playing smug or sarcastic characters to perfection. Now he’ll have the opportunity to be show off his comedy skills with one of the most hilarious casts on television.

(via Deadline)