02.16.10 9 years ago 19 Comments

There are lots of television blogs out there that ignore clips from Japanese television featuring dogs wearing sunglasses, instead focusing their efforts on providing their readers with detailed recaps of popular TV shows. Warming Glow is not one of those blogs. In fact, you know what? I’m changing the tagline of this blog right now. From here on out I want my dedication to dogs in sunglasses in the mission statement. There. It’s done.

Anyway, in the minute-long clip below, a Japanese television show introduces us to a dog who spends all day in a store for eyewear, and the dog proves his coolness by rocking some wraparounds with flames on them. Watch out, Sunglasses Dog! THOSE SUNGLASSES ARE ON FIRE! Oh, and then a yellow Lab comes along and wears some sunglasses, too. Why? Because it’s Japan and they’re awesome, that’s why.

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