03.25.10 9 years ago 10 Comments

“Glee” returns in three weeks, and this online promo offers the first glimpse of Lea Michele singing Madonna’s “Like a Prayer.” That probably doesn’t sound all that incredible to you straight people out there, but trust me, there are people who have been obsessing over the coming Madonna episode for months. They like to call themselves Gleeks, but I prefer the term Glee-tard, which is still nicer than the “Fag!” they get in the halls of their high schools.

Anyway, the clip also offers little snippets of scenes to come, including Jane Lynch owning people, Matthew Morrison getting with the little redheaded OCD teacher, and a sing-off… at 5 o’clock… in the parking lot! Oh no! A sing-off in the parking lot is TWICE as dangerous, because there’s a better chance that the cool kids will see you.

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