Norman Reedus Thought He Was Going To Die After Suffering An Injury While Filming ‘The Walking Dead’ Series Finale

During filming for the final episode of The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on the AMC zombie series, suffered a concussion. “Thank u for the nice thoughts it’s been a week. or two,” he wrote on social media following the incident. “I was in an accident. but getting better getting cleared and gonna be back at work Tuesday.”

Reedus further discussed the injury during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Oh dude, that was horrible,” he said. “That whole ordeal for me personally was terrifying. I thought I was going to die.” Reedus didn’t disclose exactly what led to the concussion, but “it was very serious. It was scary. I’ve been hit in the face and the head a million times. I’ve gone through car windows, but that one rung my bell.” He was also worried about how it would affect the shooting schedule for the final season.

“You’re shooting over a year, and now we’re having to postpone some of the shooting because I’m lying in bed,” So the guilt of me not being at work and people are like, ‘Are we going to go a week over? Are we going two weeks over?’ — that was bothering me.”

Luckily, Reedus recovered (and enjoyed some martinis) and The Walking Dead will return for eight more episodes beginning on October 2.

(Via EW)